House washing is a service we provide to remove mold and mildew from siding, to keep your houses value and looking great, and for curb appeal for visitors or selling your home. We safely and effectively clean all types of exterior surfaces with environment-friendly chemicals.

Exterior house washing is started with pretreating the exterior with high-end detergents and then rinsed thoroughly.  Total Power Clean, LLC takes care of your siding and exterior structure to leave it in the best condition.  Most siding will gather dirt, grime, along with mold and mildew which causes health issues.  The mold and mildew are most notable in shaded areas and most on the north side of dwellings.  Wood siding attracts the most mold and should be taken care of.

Total Power Clean, LLC can also paint prep your siding or house by removing loose paint for paint to adhere better.

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