TOTAL POWER CLEAN LLC can handle your commercial cleaning needs. From banks to restaurants and everything in between. We work after hours and when it is safe for employees and customers, and to not interfere with daily operations. Whether you are a property manager, business manager, or private business owner we can provide cleaning services to be inviting and safe for patrons and employees.

At TPC, we use a mix of high-end detergents and hot water to tackle the toughest jobs. Storefronts, gum removal, grease tracks, and dumpster pads, as well as general stains from traffic & pollutions. We also use the proper pressures depending on surfaces. We use a technique of soft washing for delicate surfaces like Dryvit and Stucco. We take the best approach in taking care of door seals and lighting.

CALL TOTAL POWER CLEAN LLC today and avoid the time consuming and tedious work of an employee. Avoid what could cause injury or damage to property. We are fully insured up to 1,000,000 dollars, so we have every situation covered for you and your business.

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